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Learn about how the concept for band in a day came about, and the band in a day team leaders.

Concept & Development

A Passion for Music & Team Development

Having also had a lifelong passion for music, Peter O’Connor brought together a group of musicians to design a very detailed business team change process, and also an enjoyable team building day, now called Band In A Day. It brings music as a core of a team development/team building programme, and people are engaged over a day in a great environment, to become a “rock & roll band” for a day. This program  also develops team cohesiveness & team relationships on this experiential and fun team build day. 
Two tracks are possible.
– (i) A pure fun & energising team build – Band In A Day
– (ii) A deeper dive – Band In A Day team development workshop, with a behavioural focus. This track has a more serious business outcome with the application everything DiSC or other (company favourite) tools. Part of it’s overall aim is to bring culture shifts, to identify gaps preventing the highest performance of your team. Maybe you need to get your people to flex on or shift their behaviour so that they engage in more productive dialogue, build trust with their peers, and reach their own business goals in serving and servicing client needs and delivering results for their customers.  We engage with you in a design piece in advance of the day to provide the best outcomes and to also ensure that changes are brought in to the workplace and sustained after the program.

Peter O’Connor

Peter is a lead facilitator for Band in A Day and a very experienced behavioural training expert. He is an experienced business teams facilitator, having mastered the best practices and applied use of DiSC(R) and the Five Behaviours(TM). He has a H-Dip in management studies from UCC/IMI and also extensively studied behavioural sciences over many years.
He is the founding director of www.performancepartners.ie – an end to end corporate team development and change consultancy. Peter has been involved in delivering client solutions (also supporting and certifying in-house trainers) with Wiley everything DiSC(r) and The Five Behaviours of a cohesive team. A focus is in helping clients (L&D/HR and business leaders), with the people and team side of organisational improvement, and culture change.
He has travelled extensively with work as well as being focused in Ireland. Contact peter@bandinday.ie or on 353-1-240 2255 / 353-87-833 7107 for a chat about your team day.

Ally Donald

Ally is also a lead facilitator for Band in A Day and a Dublin based multi instrumentalist with 15 years of musical experience behind him. Brought up in the performing arts industry, he’s no stranger to the stage or studio. Having graduated from BIMM Dublin some years back, with a specialism in music teaching, Ally can be found teaching and performing all across Ireland and Europe.

Ally and Peter have worked extensively together, to create and run successful team development and team building days with music and (band as a team) enjoyable and insightful teamwork initiatives.

Ally is also a great teacher, and creates an energising environment in which this team development project works so well.

Ally & Peter bring in other music specisialists, dependent on the nature of and needs for your team event.

Please contact us to let us know you team’s situation or team day needs. For more  0878337107 or peter@bandinaday.ie


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