A unique corporate team building experience

a comprehensive one-day focused corporate team building experience, with learning transfer back to the workplace.

Corporate Team Building Activity

enjoy the experience of working together on an exceptional and rewarding team building day.

The Band In A Day corporate team building experience was created as an opportunity for corporate teams to learn with a fun team development method (music & live band experience), exploring how they work collaboratively and behaviourally.


How the band in a day corporate team building day is constructed

We have designed the day as a highly focused  corporate team building experience. Band In A Day uses your team’s prior learning and brings the group dynamic into a coherent (music) development challenge. 

Band In A Day is always a business performance centred event, but it is also a whole lot of fun for participants. In a fast paced day, your corporate team will perform (as a band) one-minute of an 80’s rock song (90’s/00’s for younger groups). The environment used for this event (a theatre for larger teams) will have both formal in informal elements, including fit-for-purpose music studios.

We guide all attending through a learning process, supporting band members to play their part in the dynamic band’s live performance. All instrumentation (guitars, drums, percussion, sound & video equipment) is supplied. As an indoor team building activity, it has been designed to yield considerable learning transfer back to the workplace. Using (optional) DiSC® team learning principles, we help participants understand how the team creatively engages and achieves within their own mini-team day. Ultimately learning and performing their song as a team.

Each team building participant/band member will have useful and interesting roles & take-away learning, to bring back to the workplace. Everyone has a meaningful role. All with be either guided to play or perform and support and learning to be a real team. ABOUT US & WHO WE ARE

Team Development

An opportunity for teams to use a fun corporate team building method to explore how they work as a group, both collaborating and learning about their team’s behaviour and teamwork.

Band In A Day will influence and impact the team group dynamics and improve collaboration in a team . Performance of the song requires flexing, motivation, learning & team dynamics to be addressed as part of the corporate team building process and the live performance.

increased trust

Build a deepening level of trust between individuals and engaged in  productive dialogue, through the band/ team building experience that is required throughout the day.


Bring the leadership aspects out for discussion in the Band In A Day process, including up front engagement before the team building day, during the work, and post team building day action planning.


During the team build debrief sessions we explore the teams communications and dynamics, to make certain there is a transfer of learning back to the team’s workplace, and to ensure a clear return on investment.

What Is The Result?

The one minute video below shows a corporate client on their team building and development Band In A Day workshop. Due to GDPR & privacy issues, we are unable to show the full live video footage of an event here. We have launched the programme with live events since April 2019. 

How team building develops corporate culture

As the leader of, or support to a corporate team, or as a learning & development manager you likely face many challenges and issues as you target tangible & strategically important results for your group and project teams.

Team performance & profit can be sustained best when people understand how to collaborate really well in a team environment. This can be achieved with corporate team building activities.

Corporate team building helps team members feel their managers keep promises and live by the values they describe, so they trust their managers more. When they trust their managers more, they become more emotionally committed to the company – caring more deeply about its mission and taking pride in working for it. When they feel greater emotional commitment to the company they are more willing to stay (committed and motivated) in their jobs and go beyond their formal job descriptions by providing discretionary service to satisfy their customer’s requests. They go beyond the expected, putting themselves in their customer’s shoes more. They encourage teamwork toward making customers advocates who refer them to others. This is something we all crave, as the cost of getting new customers is high. SO, your satisfied customers translate to repeat business, which boosts profits.

Team building develops team leadership and creates a team environment where employee retention is high and which boosts profits meaning your recruitment costs are less.

In working with corporate teams for many years, and reflecting on what makes a business team work best, at Band In A Day we know that the dual success drivers of both communications and consistency (for building successful teams) require a sustained emphasis from a leader.

We also know teams have changed, there are now less (intact teams) involving people with close inter-dependencies. Project, Virtual, Agile and gig workers are becoming more prevalent. However, people need to keep the idea of collaborating, and alignment as important work elements.  People need to teams building where the emphasis entails;

  • Communications to build trust and sustainable relationships, and
  • Consistency to ensure team processes & effective structures. This as the team engages with their group charter, build their team values & as they collectively and individually target end goals through building clarity, alignment and team cohesion.www.

Band In A Day builds cohesive winning teams, through a fun and engaging team building day focus, with up-front and post workshop elements as optional.

You get to choose the degree of fun versus serious business focus. We can do both. Working where you develop basic musical skills and develop to your live band performance at the end of the (with our accelerated supports and coaching) will be the best decision you made in building teamwork. We will be happy to share with you how this works, and our secret sauce, already run for other teams.

SAMPLE Testimonials

“Brilliant day. Brilliant team bonding and genuine learning.  A big thanks to Peter and Ally. ” The team at Laser Eye Surgery Dublin

“A great day, and a most enjoyable team building exercise I have ever participated in. The debriefing session was excellent and gives the whole experience an edge over the usual team building activities.”

“A unique team building experience. I never considered myself musical in any way and I was quite nervous. The facilitation team was brilliant and to my amazement I found myself learning to play lead guitar! I also gained several insights into my leadership style – just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

“A great workshop. Practical team development with a twist. I would  recommend evaluating it.”

Band in a Day


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